Corfe Castle Sun up on Flickr.

Beautiful sunrise here at Dorset’s Corfe Castle.

Scan-140210-0029 on Flickr.

A rusty old cistern, lying on the floor of an abandoned house, not far from a Mk9 Jag

Scan-140210-0038 on Flickr.

S type Jag. Abandoned in the woods, found just off a road in Dorset by my friend Peter.

Corfe Castle on Flickr.

Sunrise at corfe castle in Dorset

A trip back to the mk 9 jag, amazingly the building hasn’t yet collapsed on the car, seems untouched in the last year.
Again all pictures taken on film, home processed and scanned, appropriate I think for pictures of old stuff!

Into a time warp, abandoned and untouched for years, all taken the old school way, kodak film.

Return to the s type, a year on and it’s still looking good!

More pictures of my old 635, you can just see my martini HF Turbo in the background and peters old honda in blue


Welcome to my build blog of my westy. A Westfield SEi Wide body.

Its not yet complete, but here is a recent taster picture. The following sets of pictures will run in chronological order right from the beginning. Hope you enjoy watching, and hopefully it’ll be of some help if your building your own.

You may be interested in my westfield build on my other new blog…